Minecraft Flappy Bird Map and Game Download

flappy steveMinecraft that virtual blocky pixelated world you create in a sandbox environment has seen many adaptions and creations like the Sonic the Hedgehog game to the playable Starship Enterprise with the space shuttle ready on a launch pad and even a fully working 16-bit computer. Flappy Bird has been added into a lot of games, markets, systems you name it springing up somewhere. And now someone has gone to the effort of creating a Flappy Bird Minecraft game that can be played whilst playing Minecraft.

No way not Flappy Bird on Minecraft now? So if you have done everything you think you can do and are looking for something different to do while roaming around and are bored and frustrated as hell with Minecraft, you can now play Flappy Bird in your game of Minecraft and get even more “flustered” of the insanely simple yet insanely impossible game at the same time to ever be in the world of software or anywhere!

Basically the game is created by a Nick_Azn who is a fan and member of the Planet Minecraft world online. He said he made the game when he was bored and wanted to make an adaptation of it that nobody else had yet so decided to log into Minecraft and create it on the Minecraft servers. He says you have to keep tapping the buttons to make the bird fly and that the level is reset with a new layout if you crash and die by hitting one of the pipes.

Minecraft Flappy Bird Game Server Mod

Fans and players of Minecraft can play the Minecraft Flappy Bird game but will need to be running on V 1.80 else one half of the map wont show so must be some kind of programing glitch but if you download the map and then just save it to your Minecraft saves folder and reload it it should then all show and you’ll be able to play it. The developer has marked the game has completed but I know boredom can strike at any time so we could see 2.0. However I reckon if we don’t see another Flappy Bird Minecraft game mix up then we’ll see Flappy Bird appearing somewhere else only on a much bigger scale like Flappy Bird game appearing COD Ghosts or Titanfall. Every single next said word about this game only increases the value of it that much more I lol. Or lets play flappy bird here when you’re done.

Better off with the FLAPPY BIRD – Minecraft Mod Ali-A video.

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