Flappy Turd Game

Flappy Turd GameMeet Flappy Turd. A turd that you must fly the same way as you fly Flappy Bird. Except this time, you are not a bird, you are a turd! Yes, fly the Flappy Turd through the pipes without crashing into any of them and see how far you can get.

Flappy Turd is a poke at the Flappy Bird game for anyone sick of that little yellow bird. With life list poo sounds when you fly and crash. It’s a farty fun version of Flappy Bird with a turd!

Click to flap the turds wings with your mouse. Then brag about your high score after on of the the many social networking sites and bookmarking sites from the “Brag About This” button in game. Can you earn the “Golden Toilet Roll Award“?

Have fun and try not to make too much of a mess. 🙂

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