Flappy Bird World Record Video

Flappy Bird World Record Video is Fake!?

Have you watched some of those Flappy Bird world record videos? There’s the one on the Guinness World Records Challengers website of a guy called “ryudragon” who says that its not a hacked Flappy Bird game and is genuine stating “This is proof that I got the highest record I’ve seen on Flappy Bird with legitimate proof on video! I got 328!“. Obviously this is something to be proud of and shows some very good skills that something even D.A.R.Y.L would have been impressed by. However on watching the video it hardly looks like he’s even tapping the screen.

So I think that although there are some very high Flappy Bird high scores scored, surely this is a faked Flappy Bird high score video? Note one of the commentators saying he has actually got a higher score than ryudragon did so it’s not a Guinness world record anyway. Besides it has to be recorded and documented by an official Guinness World Record adjudicator.

Anyway you can find the video as a suggested challenge here. Although the Suggestion Status: says Not a Record so not official. And there are some videos on YouTube with people showing a better score than 328.

PS. Don’t worry about watching all the video and just scroll to the end if you want. I don’t want to waste 7 minutes and 29 seconds of your Flappy Bird game playing time! 😉

PPS. Here’s a Flappy Bird funny picture I found. Hope you like it.

flappy bird vs angry birds

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