Flappy Bird Revenge Game

Flappy Bird Revenge GameAre you tired and fed up of Flappy Bird game? Or perhaps you’ve got your feathers in a ruffle too many times at hitting or grazing those pipes by the nano inch only to fall to your death like a lead parrot caught in a stronger than usual gravity pull. Then its time to play Squishy Bird game – Revenge of the Flappy Bird.

Squishy Bird Game

This Squishy Bird game lets the bird get his own back on those pipes by crashing into them and smashing them to pieces! You can still die if you hit some of electric fields or touch the ground and you’re permanently grounded. But where as the original or even flash flappy bird game has you trying to dodge and avoid the pipes this time round you can get your revenge on them by flying right through them with brute force!

Game Instructions:

Tap on the screen with your mouse to fly the bird.
Avoid the electric fields and touching the ground.
Get as far as you can and submit your high score.

Game Playing Tips

Try to stop birds passing by closing the pipe before they get there to group them up.
Blocked birds get made and earn you more points.
Score multiple points by squishing more birds.

PS. This is a Unity game and not a flash (swf) game so you will need to install the Unity browser plugin to play it (free).

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