Flappy Bird Mario Pipes

Flappy Bird Mario Pipes Game

Here is Flappy Bird and Mario together. You see Mario never liked that Dong was using his pipes without asking him. So he set mr flappy a challenge and said, okay, you want pipes I’ll give you pipes (because he’s part Jewish) and then he put flappy in a quest to help Mario save the Princess. So in order to do that, you’ll need to fly and navigate your way through all the pipes to get to the end and rescue the Princess. Only these aren’t your normal pipes! These have the original pipe monsters in the form of mushrooms in them that you’ll have to contend with and dodge as well. So it’s not just a case of avoiding the pipes, this time, you’ll have to avoid hitting any of the mushrooms as well.

To play Flappy Bird Mario game use the mouse.
Press left mouse button down to make the bird flap.
The longer you hold the mouse button down, the higher the bird will fly.
Can you beat the Flappy bird high score in this game?

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