Flappy Bird Infographic

Flappy Bird Infographic
Courtesy of www.startapp.com

Love it or hate it, Flappy Bird has made big news in the world of mobile gaming the last part of the first quarter of 2014. This Flappy Bird Infographic shows Flappy Bird to be a legend in its own time. These are only some of the questions surrounding the meteoric rise and fall of the viral mobile gaming app, Flappy Bird. Created by one man in Vietnam, Flappy Bird became an overnight sensation, topping the app stores in over 100 countries and beating out some of the most downloaded apps on the market. News of the app spread quickly through Twitter where users could easily share their high scores with their followers and vent their overwhelming frustration.

Flappy Bird raked in over 50 million downloads, received over 48,000 ratings putting it on par with apps like Gmail. Earned $50,000 per day from a single banner. Rumors began to circle the internet and people began to speculate that it was all a scam! Some thought the success was all driven by computer bots. Others thought the game was a PR stunt for a larger game studio. Others called foul on the design of the game drawing comparisons to the graphics in Nintendo’s Super Mario game.

The developer defended himself saying that the popularity was only luck and that all downloads were organic. On February 9th, the developer of Flappy Bird shut it all down with only a tweet. Dong Nguyen recited “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.”


May 24th 2013 – Flappy Bird launches on iOS, some downloads in Russia, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, South Korea and Chile.
June 2013 – Flappy Bird ranks among the top free apps in Russia.
July/Aug 2013 – Flappy Bird ranks top app in Australia.
Sept 2013 – Version 1.1.0 released.
Nov 2013 – US downloads slowly begin.
Dec 2013 – Download volume in North America rises 25x compared to November.
Dec 2013 – Flappy Bird ranks on Top Free Apps chart (iOS) in the US.
Jan 2013 – Downloads jump; increase 136% day-over-day.
Jan 17th 2014 – Top Free App (iOS) in US.
Jan 24th 2014 – Flappy Bird launches on Google Play.
Jan 26th-31st 2014 – Top free app on App Store and Google Play in the US & Canada; media catches onto the craze.
Feb 1st 2014 – Top free iOS app in 53 countries.
Feb 5th 2014 – Top Free iPhone app in 107 countries, Top Free iPad app in 109 countries, Top Free Google Play app in 19 countries.
Feb 9th 2014 – Flappy Bird removed from both app stores by the developer.
Feb 10th 2014 – Used iPhones with Flappy Bird go for thousands of dollars on eBay; Scores of copycat apps pop up in app stores.

Love it or hate it. Flappy Bird’s unexplainable rise and fall was quite a ride (tap, tap, tap).

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