Flappy Bird Hunter Game

If you’ve played any games like Flappy Bird you’ll know how many Flappy Bird clones there are out there. It’s reported that a new Flappy Bird clone is submitted to the iOS App store every 24 minutes! Some of these imitation spin off games have names like Trappy Bird, Flappy Fish 2D, Flappy Endless Car 3D! Flappy You: Fly Your Face Free, Nerdtle: The Flappy Birdtle, Senor Pez, Funny Chicken – Bird Adventure. Flappy Airplane / Flying Steel of Cyrus. Bieber Fever Max – Flying Axe Guitar / Flying Pig. Flying Penguin – Arctic Bird / Frappy Bird, Flappy Nyan Cat Original / Flippy Chicken and on and on and on. There are literally hundreds copy cat games like Flappy Bird available to download from the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Marketplace.

But we’ve got a new type of game like Flappy Bird. Actually, while this still does have Flappy Bird in it, you wont be playing as him. Instead you are playing as the Hunter in this old Nintendo classic Duck Hunter. Finally you get to take it out on the flapping bird and blast him away with your shotgun! The dog will help sniff out any hiding flappy birds and all you gotta do is shoot!

You only have so many shells per round to shoot the flappy birds out of the sky! Try to shoot at least 1 per round to get to the next. Fulfill the order for the hungry and waitng Flappy a la orange buyers. Once you have reached your target limit you will go onto the next level. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can and by killing as many of the birds as you can. Flappy Bird Hunter is a flash game and can be played online. Apple iPhone users wont be able to play this game on their phone. But users with smartphones that have flash player support will be able to play it. The game is very simple to control and play. Just touch the screen where you want the hunter to shoot and it will shoot where you touch it. Don’t let any fly away.

Have fun and post your high scores! 🙂

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