Flappy Bird Highest Score

What’s your highest score on Flappy Bird game? How would you like to score much much more than you usually do? How would you like to be able to fly past every pipe and never crash once as your previous high score gets obliterated into insignificance? Sounds good right? Well if you have the Flappy Bird fever and are getting fed up with only getting past like, 10 pipes before hitting something and crashing and dying, then you will love and appreciate this Flappy Bird high score video. Let’s Play Flappy Bird has brought you a hacked Flappy Bird game which you can play right now online for free and beat your old Flappybird score!

Check out this video on how its done.

Cool right? No more crashes. No more fear of death. No more Flappy Bird rage!

Now go and do the same for yourself here.

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