Flappy Bird Hacked Game

Looking for the hacked Flappy Bird online game (flash version)? It’s here. This is Flappy Bird hacked (online playable game). An imitation of the original Flappybird app that was removed from the Apple marketplace for personal reasons but was more probably a publicity stunt. Anyway this is for the complainers and players that can’t get very far on Flappybirds.

No more Flappy bird rage!

Now you can get as far as you want and score a high score on Flappy Bird game easily! Fly bird fly, through those pipes, and I mean through them. Flap your birds wings as much as you want and don’t worry about hitting any of the pipes. You have God to help you fly right through them. You will still have to stay up though! Don’t hit the floor or you will be food for your, well food. Now you can beat your friends Flappybird high scores. You can get a high score by choosing God mode and you’ll be able to fly as far as you want without dying as long as you stay up. No good strategy is needed here. You just got your wings on and you’re racking up the points. Listen to all them pings as you pass endless, pipe after pipe after pipe for what could be eternity and you wouldn’t care. All you care about right now is getting that bird through those pipes and getting as far as possible to beat your high score and anyone else’s for that matter. That’s no problem now you have God mode in the hacked flappy bird online game here. You know what to do. Just keep tapping the space bar on your keyboard to make the bird fly. Each space bar tap is the equivalent to a flap of the birds wings so try to get into a rhythm and time it right. You can use this hacked version of flappy birds to actually get better and the non-hacked Flappy Bird Game. Once you’ve been playing it for a while you will find when you do it should be a bit easier for you because you have picked up a lot of “air miles” along the way. So don’t worry about the best flappy bird strategy. Or what the best flappy bird high score is. Don’t worry about crashing and dying again. Do what birds are supposed to do and fly forever!

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