Flappy Bird Download for Android Phones

Flappy Bird game on AndroidSo you’ve ended up here wanting to play Flappy Bird on your Android phone huh? Because as you know Flappy Bird was an overnight success raking up the creator a cool $50k a day in ad revenue from a simple ad on top of the game. And then was mysteriously taken off the Apple App Store and Google’s App Stores and couldn’t be played by anyone making it even more exclusive!

So you’re looking for the Flappy Bird app for Android. Well so are many other eager players around the world that want to get their go on this simple one touch game that wasn’t available unless you had downloaded it to your phone before it was pulled. Immediately lots of game developers started releasing clones of the original game like those Flappy Bird clones based on something else like the Flappy Turd and Flappy Osama, its not possible to get the original again. But our Android readers and fans can download Flappy Bird on your Android by downloading and installing the APK file.

Want to try and play Flappy Bird on your Android device? Then read on and follow our simple 3 step process to find out how and you’ll be flapping the bird in minutes!

Step 1: Download the Flappy Bird APK game file to Your PC

All you have to do is download the APK file for the game and install that onto your Android phone. Download it from here (right click save as) or from our resource section at the end of this post and store it somewhere on your PC that you’ll remember. I’ve placed the .APK file on the site and on a few file sharing sites in case there is any issues.

Step 2: Check Android Settings and Compatibility

All Android apps/games have the .APK file extension and you don’t always need Google Play to install them. But 3rd party app installs are disabled by default on Android’s so you’ll need to enable them first. Just go to Settings > Application > tick “Unknown Sources” box or Settings > Security and tick “Unknown Sources” box for Android OS’s older than 4.0.

Step 3: Transfer the Flappy Bird APK to your Android device

Connect your Android mobile to your PC or laptop and transfer the APK file to your phones internal storage or SDK using a File Explorer app. You’ll need it to install the file and you can download one for free from the Google Play store. You can search “File Manager Free” or we recommend using File Manager Explorer by Rythm Software. Once installed, open it and browse for the APK file you transferred to your phone and select it. When asked if you want to install it say Yes. Follow the instructions and then boom! Flappy Bird game is installed onto your Android! đŸ™‚

Now you have the Flappy Bird download for Android all you need to do is play it and you can get to see what all the feather ruffling is all about. Think you are good? Get really far and post your high score with a screenshot. I hope you know how to take a screenshot on your Android right? Depending on your model you may be able to hold the power and volume down button at the same time for 1-2 seconds until you hear a shutter click sound. The image is saved in your Photos library.

Download the installer (The Flappy Bird game is in the installer)
Connect your phone to your PC via USB or Bluetooth and wait for an established connection
Open the App in your File Manager and install the game to your Android phone.
Play and enjoy Flappy Bird’s game. đŸ™‚

And check out our other Flappy Bird games, some of them are as daft as the first and about as interesting to play as watching paint dry dry paint but as fun as they are frustrating.

Download the APK file here or here or here or here.

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