Easily Make and Code Your Own Flappy Bird Games

make your own flappy birdWould you like to make your own Flappy Bird game and games like Flappy Bird in a really simple, easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial with a drag and drop interface? With many options to help you create your own custom version of Flappy Bird and then share it with your friends on their mobiles and tablets. Well Code.org has put together an online Flappy Bird game creator app you can use in your browser to make your own custom Flappy Bird game and then share it with friends to play on their phones and tablets.

You can make your own custom made version where you set the rules, the background, the sounds and more. You can even play as Fish, Bat, Shark, a Rocket or a Fairy even Santa if you want and change the background and actions and more. Once done you can then save it and share it with your friends on Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with your own special share link. Here’s one we made earlier Random Flappy Bird that changes every time you click or pass a pipe.

The guide was created by Code.org who help kids realize their creative potentials in computer science and is recommended for those of around 6+ or anyone that wants to learn how to make their own games using simpler design interfaces and learn the basic coding skills to do so. Anyway click run to start the game and you can click How it Works to find out more and make your own.


Have fun. 🙂

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