We are a site where you can play the flappy bird game and find out all about it. If you don’t know already “Flappy Bird” is a one handed flying game of skill and strategy that is extremely simple yet very very hard and addictive also. The object is to fly the bird through a maze of pipes without crashing into any by tap tap tapping the screen to flap the birds wings. It was available to download from Apple and Google app stores for Apple iPhones and Google Androids and became very popular in a short time leading to it going viral and attracting the media spotlight and just before it was to peek it was mysteriously removed from the App stores by the game developer Dong Nguyen.

This only created more attention to the game and rumors even started spreading throughout the online gaming and social networking communities that someone had been killed over the game. As it turns out the story of the boy stabbing and killing his brother for teasing him over his score was a fake. But there was apparently death threats? And hate mail which led the game Dev feeling nervous no doubt. Then there was speculation of lawsuit threats from Nintendo because of the similarity of the green pipes in the game that the flapping bird must avoid. So its why this game is a trending and hot topic at the moment throughout the online gaming and smartphone using community.

So we are a site where you can come to find out about the Flappy Bird game. And also come to play Flappy Bird game online in your browser flash, Unity and HTML5 versions of it in case you missed the downloadable version from the Apple and Google App stores. Find out what all the ruffling is about and satisfy your own Flappy Bird curiosity. So we have news, tips, cheats, help, downloads, alternatives, videos and the free playable games like Flappy Bird and a community discussion forum where you can openly discuss, rant, rave or simply praise the game and submit your Flappy Bird high scores.